Using Bars To Pick Up Women

Finding a woman to date is not as hard and you might think. You can find a potential companion anywhere, not just at parties like you might think. Take a look around, women are everywhere. Use the ideas in this article and flirt with as many women as you can, even ones you are not interested in, and soon you will have no end of dating possibilities.
When you see an attractive woman, the first thing you will want to do is make eye contact. Don’t freak her out with a stare though! Then use the ’3 second rule’, three seconds after you have noticed here, start a conversation. The topic really isn’t that important, if you don’t know what to say, try an opinion-neutral question that does not attract attention to you or her. She really won’t be listening to the question as much as she will be noticing how confident you are.

You want to have a natural conversation that flows along without too much effort. This is not an interview. Try to share stories about yourself that are interesting. Humor is an asset, it relaxes everyone and makes you more of a person to her. It is not easy to be funny when you are very nervous, but you can learn how to do this with practice.

Don’t discuss topics you have no knowledge about.

Try to discuss a variety of things avoiding religion, politics and any other controversial topic. If the conversation has a lull, don’t worry about it, all conversations proceed like this.

You can then ask her for her phone number.

If you don’t think it is a good idea to ask for a number after such a short time, try to find out where she might be in the next few days. Then you could arrange an ‘accidental’ meeting.
If she does not want to give out her number, don’t give up. You can always try to create a friendship, another friend never hurt anyone. After you have some time to develop a friendship, you never know what might happen, she could even end up asking you out.

Don’t look desperate or too eager, she will sense this. The best way to act is cool, casual and collected. Pretend you are a famous rock star or actor and act like you think he would in the same situation.
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