How To Attract Girls – Approaching Girls In Real Life

Learning how to attract girls is not as difficult as you may think. There are some tried and true methods that always work and you can discover these and make them work for you.

All you have to do is access that knowledge and you too can have success attracting girls. Many times the first hurdle is getting over that first telephone call.

To make sure you project a bit of intimacy and closeness at the beginning you need to use her name, even if she doesn’t remember yours! Altering your tone of voice is also effective as this can be used in place of some body language. You also need to be confident from the get go and practicing what you are going to say is important to sounding sure and casual.

While being confident it doesn’t hurt to show a bit of your alpha male status without being too domineering.

This can take some practice and you will need to judge the girl as some women will appreciate this and others won’t. Again it comes down to confidence and having a casual but comfortable conversation.

If you are really interested then an important fact to remember when learning how to attract girls is that you have to let her know you are interested in being more then just friends.

Other things to try to convey in the first conversation is the ability to use the tone of your voice in place of body language, displaying your high social status, testing her a little, being playful and showing that you will be a bit of a challenge.

Learning how to attract girls can be challenging as no one understand the way a women’s mind works. But there are behavior cues and successful ways to attract women that continuously work time after time. The above conversation is just one of the ways you can learn how to attract girls. A entire course on this subject is in the eBook Fireworks with females.