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Silent Date – Without words
It does not always have to be in spoken words if you want to get to know each other. The silent date is silent. One resorts to other means of communication.

Speechless does not mean wordless

At the Silent Date sit the two Flirtpartner opposite – similar to the Speed ​​Date. Their conversation takes place by slip of paper and pen, supported by facial expressions and sign language. What sounds boring at first glance, in reality proves a high fun factor. Non-verbal communication overcomes some shyness. Anyone who has difficulty expressing their feelings, who does not dare ask intimate questions, clearly benefits from the Silent Date. So already good foundation stones are laid for a later meeting.

The difficulties with Speechless Date

Silent dating is not for people who are at loggerheads with spelling and grammar. A lack of written expression is counterproductive and discourages the opposite. Likewise, the typeface can have a decisive influence on sympathy or rejection. Even if time is of the essence, you should seek a readable font. However, not necessarily written only.

Creative people rely on small drawings or share in short comics. Here the smile of the other is almost guaranteed. And anyone who does not feel like writing in the course of the meeting simply communicates with facial expressions and gestures.
discussion topics

Just as with other dates, classic things are also queried here. You can do written small-talk, for example, to inquire about the job or the hobbies of others. Too deep conversation content is not suitable and at Silent Date also not practicable. One may also like to incorporate humor and compliments. However, the latter should not be applied too thick. It is important to avoid clumsy comments. They now unnecessarily destroy the sizzling tension that arises fast on the Silent Date.