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The most romantic places in the world
Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona or even a lonely island in the Pacific – there are romantic places worldwide. Here one makes marriage proposals, celebrates his wedding in peace or just tweets just a few days in a cozy togetherness.

Places full of romance
The hit list of romantic places is led by Paris. Here one can experience many intimate moments day and night. Amsterdam lures with its canals, Venice with gondola rides. On small islands in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, leisurely days can be spent in intimate affection.

What makes a place romantic

Historic old towns, castles and palaces that tell stories, wide beaches with soft sand and large palm trees, where you can unwind, impressive landscapes that you discover together – there are no requirements.

A relaxing stay in a modern spa hotel is certainly just as romantic and exciting as a weekend in a posh castle hotel. From the magic of love you can eat in the South Seas just as much as at the Ice Hotel in Norway. A place becomes romantic when it makes one forget everyday life, when one can fully enjoy one’s time without obligations, when it is the moment that counts.

Common interests can finally be cultivated, be it a city tour or an adventure holiday. Depending on your temperament, it can be adventurous or very quiet.

So a canoe trip with camping in the wilderness can be extremely romantic. Unforgettable are common climbing tours with a stay in a rustic mountain hut. It just has to be extravagant and not everyday.