Dating Girls of Metal..chasing the hot girls, the hard to get tough girls

Guys find it difficult approaching tough and pretty girls, the girls of metal kind. Generally people run from what is stronger or tougher than them.

This is why guys go to girls they think are less beautiful and less competitive. Leaving out the one we call tough one for probably the rich or their tough match. We always want to stick to the simple, not much beautiful one.
Seriously, I was on that list before. running away from the hot girls because I think they are so higher than me, I was thinking I needed to be richer than any girl before I can make her fall for me.

No doubt, there are strong girl in the society, the acclaimed independent ladies. They don’t want to be messed with, very ambitious and strong minded, There logo is often “no-time-for-men. The heavy metal girls kind.

They preach tough, walk tough, talk tough(at least that’s how they always appear). Often getting guys scared to their marrow at their mere presence. Scarcely intimidated by men, they’ve seen a lot, tasted a lot, but wondering whether they got hearts, wondering whether they do fall in love, of course and even much more.

Many guys want to date hot girls, the heavy metal girls, but find it difficult to cross there barrier.

We find it difficult approaching them. See pick up lines this girls often want things to be run their own way, they’ve got money, they’ve got power and they pften find it difficult spotting their taste of a man

So they stand tough, like they don’t need men, wondering whether they really do need men? well, the answer would be yes. the girls of metal all are still girls, within their hearts, they also carry that yearning for compassion, and longing to be loved

I’m talking just to the men on how to take control in a relationship, dating any body you want to. hot girl, cool girls, heavy metal girls, tough, gentle, whoever you want is approachable, take the bold step
make that first move but before that, get girded,

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