Before It’s Too Late, Please Help Me Fix My Relationship

Is your relationship in trouble? In your heart, can you feel that life is not the same anymore with you and your lover? Taking a break is the last thing you want. If this sounds anything like your situation, you must then determine what you can to do help fix your relationship.

Q: Help me fix my relationship, my boyfriend deprives me of the love and attention I need. What must I do?

A: This question obviously shows that you are depending on your boyfriend for your happiness.

You cannot control your boyfriend’s feelings no matter how much you try. If you demand for his love and attention, you’re creating a clingy and desperate vibe. It’s very difficult to be attracted to someone who is desperate for your love.
You should look deep inside yourself and ask yourself “what can I do right now, to help me feel better?” instead of “help me fix my relationship.

You mustn’t depend on your boyfriend’s love to feel complete. You must rely on yourself to be happy. Nothing is more beautiful to a guy than a confident woman who takes responsibility for her own happiness.

Q: I and my partner are always arguing, why? Please advise about what we’re doing wrong and help me fix my relationship.

A: In any relationship, arguments are quite normal. Like you, your partner has personal opinions, too. Yet, effective arguments consist of each person expressing personal needs and desires without disrespecting each other. Use “I” statements instead of “You” statements.

Using “you” statements can result to an argument since it puts your partner on the defense. By using “I” statements, your partner cannot argue with your feelings.

For example, instead of telling your partner “you always get angry for wanting to go out with my friends,” you can say, “I feel hurt and upset when you get in a mood when I go out with my friends”.

Did you see the difference?

Your partner cannot argue with your hurt feeling.
If you’re puzzled by the thoughts of”help me fix my relationship before it’s too late”, take note that you only have control of your thoughts and your actions, not your ex’s.

Life can be really stressful and occasionally, the stress we get influences the present condition our relationship is in.

Several arguments take place caused by more negative interactions than positive ones. Don’t go straight to the television or straight into your own thing when you get home from work or school.

Spend a moment, let your presence be felt, and show interest in your partner’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions.
A lot of people tackle stress in their lives by numbing themselves from the current moment. Practice awareness to put you in the present moment and help you and your girlfriend connect on a much profound level.
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