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Romantic places in Germany
To experience romanticism as a lover, you do not necessarily have to travel to faraway countries. In Germany there are many places from north to south, from west to east, where love couples are particularly close.

Romantic north

The Hanseatic cities of Rostock, Lübeck, Hamburg and Bremen draw German history. In addition to cultural highlights, the visits to these cities can also be combined with wellness stays on the Baltic Sea. In Rostock or Lübeck you can spend a few wonderful days on the coast, especially in summer.
In Lübeck it is especially romantic at Christmas time. In addition to the famous Christmas market, there are organ concerts in the Marienkirche on the weekends, which give rise to a particularly sensual, enamored mood.
If you like the nightlife, travel to Hamburg for two and take a long stroll over the Reeperbahn or experience romantic evenings at the illuminated harbor.

The islands

Whether Sylt or Usedom – in the German islands love couples find enough time for themselves. On the kilometer-long beaches, one can forget the everyday life with hands and get close to oneself with an unforgettable sunset. Carriage rides and spa offers of the hotels and health resorts complete the stay together perfectly.

Wine tasting with a lot of romance

On the Rhine and on the Moselle, wine lovers in love can not only take wine tastings and interesting river cruises, but also take long, two-legged walks in the beautiful landscape of vineyards.
Old castles, monasteries and castles in this region have a special charm and put into a bygone, magical times.

Liebelei in the southern forests

Whether musicals in Stuttgart or balmy evenings on Dreisamufer in Freiburg – love can also be celebrated in southern Germany. In a cottage in the Bavarian Forest or in the Black Forest you can enjoy undisturbed married togetherness by the fireplace.

Power Dating | Dating for singles Power Dating

Power Dating – Get to know in 45 seconds
Power Dating is the extreme version of Speed ​​Dating. In less than a minute, it’s time to find out if the chemistry is right. A dating variant for intuitive people.

Massendates without draft

Basis of the Power Dates is the controversial scientific realization that the first minute of an encounter decides about sympathy or antipathy. It is therefore important to get to know the fast on less verbal than on physical communication. This type of contact is something for people with repartee and knowledge of human nature. You do not have much to say, because basically, the time is enough only for a few classic Anmachsprüche or a deep look in the eye. Instead, facial expressions, gestures and postures determine success or failure. Anyone who looks attractive and has a positive charisma, who casually gives himself, will soon receive positive feedback.

Dalli, dalli – Fast forwarding

With hardly any other dating event, so many partners are introduced to each other and carried through like in Power Dating. There is no time to focus on his counterpart. If you do not have a good memory, you will not have much fun with this kind of getting to know each other. Those who enjoy meeting as many different people as they can and proving their own intuition for the opposite sex will experience a lot of fun with Power Dating. It can be boring, however, because one often repeats himself in his words and the answers are foreseeable.

One should never forget that power dating takes place in extreme situations that have little in common with real life. It is more a game than a serious matter. Here only impulses and fleeting impressions are perceived, which can be experienced equally well with a short meeting on the road. The true success, however, shows up only at an extensive later get-acquainted.