Best Dating Tips For Men

Some of the best dating tips for men come from women. The fact is that if women are the ones that men are trying to date, they have the inside information to offer. Men should take this advice seriously, regardless of what their male friends may say. Men who are serial daters may have their own tips, and those tips may work if serial dating is the goal.

Be a gentleman.

Though it may seem old fashioned to open doors and pull out chairs, women tend to see this as a sign of respect. The fact that the man shows her respect in this manner is a good indication of how he may treat her later.
A list of dating suggestions for men would not be complete without mentioning hygiene. While everyone should practice good hygiene, they don’t always. If you’re looking at dating tips for men, it’s a good indication that you are preparing to go on a date. Part of this prep is hygiene. The trick is to look well groomed while not making it look as if grooming is a special event. Trim all facial, neck, ear and nose hair. Brush teeth thoroughly and don’t overdo the cologne.


This should take top priority. Don’t take her to a place where you can’t hear each other talk. The point of a date is to get to know each other.

Pay the bill. Some modern dating tips may say to go dutch, but most women feel that the man should pay on a date. Men who pay for the date display a primitive ability to be able to “provide” food. In older days this would be displayed in a different manner.

Ask her about her life. A woman likes to know that a man is interested in her. This can best be displayed by showing interest in some portion of her life. Be sure to ask questions to get to know her and to answer her questions honestly.
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